ETRS Membership

The European Tissue Repair Society, a non-profit making organisation, aims to promote knowledge and interchange between scientists and health professionals, industry and other individuals who have an interest in tissue repair.

The Society has an annual meeting and a number of consensus meetings each year concerning different aspects of tissue repair, ranging from basic science to clinical aspects of healing.

The benefits of a membership include:

- A reduced registration fees at our annual meetings
- The 'Bulletin' which highlights the Society’s activities; ask for a free copy!
- A 20% color charge discount at the Wound Repair and Regeneration journal
- A reduced registration fee at the meetings of the Wound Healing Society and the Australasian Wound & Tissue Repair Society

Types of Membership:
(dues will be charged per calendar year)

Active Member         90 EUR
Active Member plus online subscription to WRR   130 EUR
Active Member plus subscription to WRR   170 EUR
Student Member (letter from supervisor required)   60 EUR
Student Member plus online subscription to WRR   100 EUR
Student Member plus subscription to WRR   140 EUR


Membership Application:

Please send your name, address and preferred type of membership to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will contact you within 24 hours.