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Research Development Committee

Chair: Boris Hinz

Sparks and mediates research activities of ETRS members. This involves the facilitation of collaborations between laboratories in fundamental science and clinics. The committee is responsible for the surveillance of hot research topics and work in close feedback with the scientific committees of the ETRS annual meetings. Collects and displays on the ETRS web-page: funding opportunities, upcoming research conferences, and recommend one research article for reading at least monthly. Evaluates the possibility to organize scientific training courses for different target groups; these courses should be eligible for training credits and obtain ‘ETRS label’. The committee will closely collaborate with the Education and the ETRS Junior Committee.
Education Committee

Education Committee

Chair: Jean-Jacques Lataillade

Studies and guides educational activities in accordance with the Society's strategic plan. Advises the Board on educational information received and recommends educational policy for consideration. Strengthens education in ETRS to guide the link to practical clinical topics. Helps to establish courses (possibly endorsed by industry partners) for nurses and more clinical oriented members at the annual meetings (workshops).

Industrial Advisory Committee

Chair: Gerrolt Jukema

Interaction with industry is vital to the success of the Society. This committee ensures that the ideas of our commercial colleagues are given balanced attention with regard to program and policy issues. Studies the needs of Society members from industry and supporters. Makes recommendations to the Board regarding programs and activities that  enhances industrial participation in accordance with the Society's strategic plan.

Society Interrelation Committee

Chair: Gerrolt Jukema

Develops ideas how to coordinate activities with other societies, which are in accordance with ETRS strategic plans. Continues the collaboration with WHS, EWMA, the WUWHS. Evaluates new collaboration options, e.g., with national societies.

Public Relations Committee

Chair: Thomas Rose

Works closely with the Business Office to use the website as an active and important platform to reflect ETRS activities to the members and non-members. Assembles the contents of an electronic newsletter to enhance the interactions with the members.

Junior Committee

Chair: Hilde Beele, Magda Ulrich

Wants to continue the initiative of having special activities for young scientists at the annual meeting. In the past years this consisted of involvement of young scientists in the YIA session, the organization of one or more workshops, a social activity/dinner organized by and for the young participants at the meeting. It is important to attract and involve young members to secure the future of the Society. This Junior Committee will make suggestions to the board concerning the future goals or emphasis of the Society.  Furthermore, an ETRS Young Investigator Fund has been established. This fund will award grants to young scientists who plan a short training course in a foreign research center to learn a new technique. More details and information about the application will be available in the first quarter of 2013.

Members of the Committee:
Patricia Danielsen (chair): Denmark
Ernst Jan Bos: The Netherlands
Evi Lippens: Belgium
Eleni Mavrogonatou: Greece
Marielle Walraven: The Netherlands

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