Magnus Ågren has worked in the area of wound healing since 1980. He received his Master of Science degree in chemical engineering and biochemistry at University of Göteborg, Sweden 1979 and his Dr. Med. Sci. in experimental pathology at University of Linköping, Sweden 1990. He subsequently was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, Florida, USA from 1991-1993 with affiliation to Departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Dermatology. Dr. Ågren was awarded an Associate Professorship in experimental pathology at the University of Linköping, Sweden. Since 1993, Magnus Ågren has worked as Senior Scientist and manager in both academia and industry. His major achievements during this period were the establishment of a biomedical research laboratory in mid/late 1990's and the development of the extracellular matrix protein amelogenin to promote tissue repair in the early 2000's. An EU Marie Curie Fellowship was granted to him in 2002. He is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Surgery and Copenhagen Wound Healing Center, Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark. Magnus Ågren has published 100 wound-healing articles in internationally renowned medical journals. Dr. Ågren's special research interests include the role of zinc, extracellular matrix and fibroblast phenotypes in wound healing in various tissues. Dr. Ågren has supervised thesis research leading to 5 Ph.D. and is currently supervising 3 Ph.D. students and one M.D. He has been external examiner for 4 Ph.D. and 1 Professor.

Ågren is Scientific Advisor for a number of Scandinavian and international companies in the health care sector. He is also on the Editorial Board for Wound Repair and Regeneration, Journal of Wound Care, The Open Dermatology Journal and The Open Colorectal Cancer Journal. In addition, he serves as Treasurer for the Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials.