Since 2013   Leading scientist Wound contraction group, CBIB,
and Medical Cooperation Center, University of Bremen
Since 2012   Consultant, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery,
Klinikum Bremen-Mitte, Bremen
2009-2011   Principal Investigator ERC project and Scientist at the Experimental Dept. of
Plastic Surgery, MHH, and Attending surgeon at Dept. of Plastic, Hand and
Reconstructive Surgery, Hannover Medical School
2010   Specialization Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery; Habilitation
2004-2008   Leading scientist, Dept. of Experimental Plastic Surgery, Otto-von-Guericke
University Magdeburg, and Fellow at Dept. of Plastic, Aesthetic and Hand Surgery,
University of Magdeburg, Germany
2003   Fellow at Dept. of General Surgery, University Hospital, RWTH Aachen, Germany
2001-2002   Post-doc at Dept. of Surgery, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
1999-2002   Clinical rotation for plastic surgery: Sweden and Denmark
1999-2001   PhD student, Medical Faculty, Lund University, Sweden, doctoral degree 2001 (PhD)
1988-1995   Medical studies at University of Ulm, Germany; doctoral degree 1995 (MD)



Tissue repair and wound healing is a broad entity joining scientists and clinicians striving for knowledge, implementation of basic research and translation into clinical treatment. Beginning with diseases or wound healing disturbances in clinics, the problem is transferred into the scientific environment and addressed in simplified models. Results from basic research deliver milestones for understanding biomolecular processes in normal and pathological wound healing. It is of enormous importance that innovative findings in basic research are transferred into more complex models and clinical settings in order to make this knowledge available and applicable for all, especially for those who are suffering from these diseases.

Combining both, scientific knowledge and clinical expertise in the same person, I feel comfortable to contribute substantially to promote the goals of the European Tissue Repair Society. My central aim is to aid joining scientists and clinicians in the pursuit of mutual communication and collaboration and thereby bringing basic research into clinical application, and ultimately, increasing life quality of patients. Translational medicine is not just a word, for me it is lived reality.

I would be honoured to be elected as Board Member of the ETRS which I have joined in1999.